Our Leaders

David Bousquet


David Bousquet is a graduate of Pensacola Christian College and a graduate of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition, he is the author of “Simply Put: Truths of Heaven Brought Down to Earth”, and “He is Exalted: An Exposition of Colossians”. He has served here since 2005. During that time the church has experienced tremendous growth both spiritually and physically.

David’s philosophy of ministry is simple, discipleship. He preaches messages in an expositional style, while focusing on practical theology. It is his belief that all theology must be able to be applied to the believer’s daily life, and as such he stresses the need for daily study and practical holiness.

David is joined in the ministry by his wife Sandy and their children.

When not ministering, David enjoys spending time with his family, reading, fencing, roasting coffee, and writing books.

You can follow David on twitter at twitter.com/DavidJBousquet .