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A Model for Mentorship

Posted On: July 23, 2014 • Author: Pastor David Bousquet • Category: Articles

There are several different models or philosophies which are used to lead or pastor a church. The typical church has a pastor who teaches or preaches, but has very little individual interaction with members of the congregation. There are several reasons for this style of pastorship. Primarily there is the time reason, it takes a great deal of time to answer the questions of individuals. Secondarily it requires the pastor to be open to discussions which may disagree with his own beliefs. Many times, pastors possess a “my way or the highway” mentality, which cripples mentorship. Thirdly the typical style of pastoring possesses little creativity. In individual discipleship or mentorship requires that the pastor creatively works with the individual to tailor theology to meet his needs.

The biblical model instructed by Paul and demonstrated by Christ was that of mentorship. Paul told Timothy to find other men, and then teach them so that they could teach others. Christ mentored the apostles in their faith, demonstrating creativity, time, and concern for the individual. A mentor model is the better model for several reasons. First, it is the biblical model. This really requires little explanation, for if it was the model followed by Christ and Paul, then it should be the one followed by us today. Second, it demonstrates concern for the individual within the church, and not just the number of people who attend. It is easy to become focused on numbers and to ignore the need of individuals. Third, it challenges the pastor to constantly evaluate what he believes, and it forces him to be in constant study in order to meet the needs of the individuals he is mentoring. Fourth, it builds the individual into a better representation of Christ, by sharpening and encouraging each other.

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