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Christianity and Politics

Posted On: October 12, 2016 • Author: Pastor David Bousquet • Category:

I don’t often make public comments about politics. That is not to say that I don’t talk about issues, I do. Issues are meant to be discussed because they are meant to be the foundation of our political decisions. This is why in the past what a politician believed was so important. Those beliefs provided a guide for the voters to predict how the individual would behave and govern. The simple reality is that this is no longer the case.

In the last several years we have watched as our politicians have degraded themselves by behaving like school yard bullies creating a system where morals and values are lost in the concept of might makes right. Perhaps the saddest result of this system is that many Christians have decided to leave morality and values at the door of the polling place in order to join the fray. In many ways this would be like Christians joining with the Romans watching Christians being thrown to the lions. I know too many Christians who blindly defend or brazenly support politicians on both sides of the current election, who seem to be blind to the multitude of deplorable acts from both candidates.

I think that the real problem is not with our politics, but with our faith. Christianity in this country means little more than a social club membership, which entitles the bearer to a get out of jail free card. It has little to no real impact on the individual’s life, and as a result it is delegated to a minor place of influence. Yet, it at the same time provides many with the false sense of superiority by claiming a higher moral sense based in Christ. Christianity has become a way to feel smug about ourselves instead of a way to become like Christ. It has degenerated into a list of platitudes with no real meaning instead of the revelation and empowerment of holiness through the Holy Spirit. It has become something we do instead of what we are. I feel that both Trump and Clinton (both who claim to be Christians) are examples of modern day “Christianity”. Both claim to be people of faith (he a Presbyterian, she a Methodist), but neither really follow the historical tenets of those denominations. Why? I think it is because their faith is a means to an end, and not a means to a life of holiness.

Christianity in this culture has been overwhelmed by the “me” mentality. This view is incompatible with biblical Christianity, which teaches us to have a “Him” mentality. In order to reconcile our wants with our conscience, we have learned to compartmentalize our faith and relegated it to a once a week faith. As a result we have seen legislation that has been proposed stating that Faith has its place in the place of worship but not in the place of business. This reveals the basic misunderstanding about faith. True faith impacts every moment, and as a result changes everything that we do. There is no such place as a house of worship to the biblical believer, because the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof. Every place is a place of worship, and as a result every place is meant to be a place where our faith is practiced. Unfortunately, we have slowly accepted and even encouraged the restriction of our freedom of faith, by living according to the lower purpose of self fulfillment. We have created a form of Christianity which is as narcissistic as Trump is, and as deceptive as Clinton. Honesty is now situational or fluid. As a result, “Christians” are able to easily violate clear biblical standards of morality in one area, while embracing standards in other. They allow him to condemn dishonesty in one candidate while ignoring it in the other candidate.

The solution is actually simple. Christians must live their lives according to their faith, and not according to cultural acceptance. Christians must dedicate each day as a day of worship and each place as a place of worship. Christians must take the time to change their lives to reflect glory to God in each decision. Christians must not forsake the service of Christ for the service of self. The Christian must realize that casting a vote is not meant to be an opportunity to forsake biblical principles. We must live what we believe, and not in spite of what we believe.

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