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Grace Given Should Be Grace Returned

Posted On: June 11, 2014 • Author: Pastor David Bousquet • Category: Articles

Grace is a wonderful gift from God. The simplest definition is that grace is getting something that the individual does not deserve, and as such cannot be earned or purchased. Romans points out that if grace is earned then it is no longer grace, in addition, Galatians points out that faith is required to acquire grace and that works have no part of God’s grace.

What is neglected is the responsibility of each believer to live according to grace, and as such return the gift of grace to God by extending grace to others. Think about grace like a gift that is best when shared with others. When others are able to enjoy it, the giver is then given the great blessing of seeing others enjoy it. This is a return, not in the aspect of giving the grace back, but instead of a return like an investment. This gift grows like an investment, which is meant to be used for the benefit of others.

Grace can be shared in several ways. First, it is extended when the believer gives forgiveness to others. This helps to prevent resentment and bitterness which will quickly destroy relationships. Second, it is given when the believer commits acts of kindness to others. Just as forgiveness is not based upon the offenders right, but upon Christ’s righteousness, so also kindness to others is not based upon the others actions, but upon Christ’s actions. This is important, for these open the door to the last expression of grace: salvation. The final way that grace is returned is when the individual believer is able to share the gospel with others. This allows grace to grow as the kingdom of God also grows.

Let us each be conduits of God’s grace through having first received His grace and then by living according to that precious Grace!

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