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Posted On: August 19, 2014 • Author: Pastor David Bousquet • Category: Articles

Romans chapter two outlines that the circumcision of the Jews was pointless if the heart was not in submission to Christ. This is vital to a proper understanding of holiness. A true Jew is one that is inwardly submitted, not one who is only outwardly submitted. The real issue is that of submitted holiness to God.

A parallel is found in I Samuel 16:7. Samuel was told not to look upon Eliab (David’s oldest brother) as the future king, because God knew his heart. God was looking for one that would rise in the moment of need and bravely trust Him for strength while standing firm in the battle. The issue is a heart of courage willing to deny the natural desire in order to attain unto the higher ideal of God’s desire. The heart of Eliab was revealed in chapter eighteen, when Israel was faced with the challenge of Goliath. Undoubtedly, Eliab had at one time watched the sheep, surely he had practiced with the sling, he was a trained soldier. God specifically told Samuel not to look at the height of his stature, implying the Eliab was a very tall and imposing figure. However, for forty days he hid in his tent while Goliath twice daily defied the God of Israel and mock His followers. David no sooner arrived on the scene, then he hears the challenge and answers the call. True holiness requires the same kind of courage.

Eliab did what many of us would have done, he fled. He did what was natural, he quit. He cowered before an impossible task. Holiness is just as daunting a battle as facing the giant, and as such our flesh naturally slinks from the challenge. Coupled with holiness comes the possible derision of family members, the complaints of legalism, the exhaustion of self denial, and the hunger for starved indulgence. For this reason, it is the mature and the courageous who will stand and fight against the natural desire in order to secure personal victory. Each moment is a battle, and the price of victory is eternal submission and vigilance. It has been said that David was a man after God’s own heart. He pursued the heart of God, not out of a desire to appear holy, but instead out of a desire to be holiness. Appearance will vanish in a flash, but real substance is revealed in the fire. Be bold, be brave, and be holy.

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