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The Need to Contend

Posted On: October 2, 2015 • Author: Pastor David Bousquet • Category: Articles

The book of Jude opens with the declaration that he had originally intended to write to Christians about our wonderful common salvation. He intended to write a letter of encouragement, exhortation, and peace. However, the Holy Spirit had a different message for the church. He was instead moved to write an epistle to encourage the church to contend for the faith which had been received from the saints. This is a very important thing for each of us to remember.

Contending for the faith is accomplished in various steps. First, it involves studying the Scriptures in order to know what the Bible teaches. The only way to keep from being lead into false doctrine is to know what the Bible teaches. We must as Christians dedicate ourselves to routine study, which seeks to integrate the Bible into our daily lives. Second, contending involves warning those who are genuinely seeking truth. It is easy to be lead astray in this world of chaos. As Christians we are called to lead others to Christ, and as such we must graciously and lovingly warn those who are desirous of truth about the false teachers that are throughout the world. The first we are to warn are those of our own homes. Our spouse, our children, our grandchildren, and our close family members need our love and guidance. The next group are those fellow Christians that we have regular contact with. This group will typically contain a mixed group of maturity. As such, those who are spiritually mature are commanded to teach and edify those who are immature. We must contend for them. The final group that we must contend for are for those who do not know the truth yet, but have seen hope demonstrated in our lives and then ask why we possess such hope. These tender individuals can be easily led astray if they are not properly directed and cherished. Thus we must contend.

Finally, we must recognize that the word implies effort and battle. It is not easy to contend, but it is necessary. It will not necessarily make friends, but it will help to preserve the doctrine of the church and to live a life of distinction in this world.

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