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The Pain of Growth

Posted On: September 22, 2015 • Author: Pastor David Bousquet • Category: Articles

Who enjoys pain or suffering? The answer is no one. I remember when I was a teenager that I suffered with a common malady referred to as osgood schlatter disease. This was essentially caused by rapid growth which resulted in bones that were growing more quickly than my tendons were. The pain associated with this condition varied from slight to nearly crippling. I was then told by an orthopedic doctor that it was a part of life, and that I should grow out of it. Sometimes growth causes pain. There is no way around it that change is often uncomfortable, and that it can result in aches and pains that need to be addressed. This idea has come to my mind today as I think about the progress on the parking lot, the growth of the church both physically and spiritually, the search for an associate pastor, and the constant need to challenge myself to meet the needs of the church. This period of growth pushes us as a church to face situations which may not be comfortable, but which need to be faced none the less. With an increase in the body of Christ here, so also comes an increase in the number of individuals who have hurts and struggles and are in need of healing. It is important for each of us to recognize that it also calls for an increase in personal ministry.

Ministry is not reserved for those who are teaching or preaching, but instead should be understood as meeting a need. The idea often being expressed throughout the Word of God is that of a physician who has learned to not only recognize a need, but also seeks to alleviate the suffering caused by the need. As such each believer is called to function as a minister within the local church, for each is empowered by the Holy Spirit with unique gifts and talents to strengthen and edify the body of Christ. Ministry can be as simple as sending a card to a hurting individual or scrubbing a toilet. It is accomplished not only with the action, but with a heart dedicated to service to Christ. The single greatest requirement for a minister is humility. This is due to the nature of humility, which sees others as being important and worth the effort to encourage and assist.

In those times of growth realize that pain is often present, but we labor for a healthier and stronger body, which will be able to more effectively minister to the community the love of Christ. Patience and humility when combined with the understanding of God’s purpose will bring about a church that is both glorifying to God and unified together.

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